HUYA Bioscience International and CAS Innovation and Investment Company Establish Strategic Collaboration

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San Diego, CA, USA – January 18, 2017HUYA Bioscience International (HUYA), the leader in accelerating the global development of China’s pharmaceutical innovations, announced today a strategic collaboration agreement with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Innovation and Investment Company (referred to as CAS Innovation). The collaboration will focus on developing and commercializing biomedical innovations discovered by leading scientists at CAS to meet the medical needs of patients around the world.

HUYA is the first company to have recognized China’s potential as an important source of new innovative preclinical and clinical stage compounds. The company accelerates development and value creation for China-sourced novel biopharmaceutical compounds in worldwide markets. In keeping with this strategic vision, HUYA has already established over one hundred collaborations with leading universities, research institutes, and science parks throughout China.

CAS Innovation is wholly owned by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is building a comprehensive platform for transforming and commercializing scientific and technological achievements, and fostering international collaborations. CAS Innovation has selected biomedicine as one of its core areas, positioning itself as a base for biopharmaceutical translational medicine, and targeting innovative R&D in the high-end segment of the industry value chain in order to push forward industrialization of China’s most innovative drugs.

Under this agreement, HUYA and CAS Innovation will collaborate to develop novel drugs discovered by CAS scientists. Biotech and pharmaceutical R&D organizations within the CAS Innovation platform will have access to HUYA’s international pharmaceutical expertise and networks as well as support from HUYA’s global team of experts. In turn, HUYA will have priority to evaluate certain research and development projects conducted by these CAS organizations and secure partnerships to further develop and commercialize these candidate therapeutics for global markets.

“The Chinese Academy of Sciences is a major force in China’s biomedical research field. Through this strategic cooperation with CAS’ wholly owned innovation and investment arm, HUYA will substantially widen our access to the frontier of pharmaceutical science and technology at CAS,” said Clement Gingras, HUYA’s Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer Asia, “and we expect more opportunities to globalize novel drugs discovered by the many talented scientists of CAS.”

Mr. Zhonghua Li, Executive Vice President of CAS Innovation, also expressed his upbeat view: “Our national policy and CAS principles require us to commercialize our innovations in science and technology. To that end, our collaboration with HUYA is fully aligned with our organizational goals; we look forward to successful joint collaborations with HUYA.”

About HUYA Bioscience International

HUYA Bioscience International is the leader in enabling and accelerating the global development of novel biopharmaceutical product opportunities originating in China. Extensive collaborations have been established with innovators to speed development and value creation in worldwide markets for China-sourced product candidates. With the largest Chinese compound portfolio covering all therapeutic areas, HUYA has emerged as the partner-of-choice for maximizing the value of biopharmaceutical innovation in China. HUYA’s lead immune-oncology product HBI-8000 is in registration trials in Japan for lymphoma and in clinical development in the U.S. for solid tumor indications. With the largest team of scientists working with Chinese innovators, HUYA develops promising drug candidates globally. For more information, please visit .

About Chinese Academy of Sciences Innovation and Investment Company

The Chinese Academy of Sciences Innovation and Investment Company, referred to as CAS Innovation, is a comprehensive market-oriented platform for transforming and industrializing science & technology (S&T) achievements. Wholly owned by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, CAS Innovation leverages the rich resources in S&T and talents of the CAS to build a nationwide network for incubating innovations from the CAS and for international collaboration on innovation. It is also committed to facilitating the development of strategic emerging industries and the upgrading of traditional industries, incubating innovative S&T enterprises, and advancing international technology transfer. Key activities of CAS Innovation include incubation of S &T business, transfer and transformation of S&T achievements, investments in S&T entrepreneurship, intellectual property operations, building S&T think tanks, and providing training to innovative start-ups.

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