HUYA Bioscience Announces New Partnership With A High Profile Pharmaceutical Lab At Shanghai’s Prestigious Fudan University

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San Diego, CA, USA – March 20, 2012 — HUYA Bioscience International announced today a critical strategic partnership with one of China’s preeminent pharmacological researchers, Prof. Deyong Ye of Fudan University’s School of Pharmacy. HUYA is an international leader in supporting the global development of China’s pharmaceutical innovations. Their new partnership with Fudan University will focus on specific innovations coming out of Prof. Deyong Ye’s lab that could meet critical global pharmaceutical needs.

Prof. Ye is currently vice director of the Department of Medicinal Chemistry at the School of Pharmacy. His lab specializes in drug design and synthesis, including computer modeling of the three dimensional structures of enzymes such as sphingomyelin synthase (SMS). Using those structures, the lab is designing drugs that will work as SMS inhibitors to target and combat diseases, including metabolic disease and cardiovascular disease. The lab has been awarded multiple grants in this field and is at the forefront of China’s efforts to promote innovative drug design.

The new partnership between HUYA and Prof. Ye’s lab will enable both parties to collaborate to promote new drug development in China and worldwide. The lab will be able to consult with HUYA’s wide range of experts in drug development and globalization. In turn, HUYA will have the first opportunity to evaluate certain research and development projects conducted at the lab, and will provide support and assistance as needed.

“Working with labs such as Prof. Deyong Ye’s puts us at the cutting edge of drug innovation and development in China,” said Clement Gingras, HUYA’s Chief Technical Officer and COO, “We are honored by this opportunity and look forward to beneficial collaborations in the years to come.”

In Shanghai, Prof. Ye says he also welcomes this new partnership and is optimistic about its results: “HUYA can provide the kind of expertise we need to accelerate the global reach of our innovative research and bring it to worldwide markets.”

About HUYA Bioscience International
HUYA is one of the first companies to have recognized China’s potential to help meet the global demand for new preclinical and clinical stage compounds. The company’s strategy is to facilitate and promote the global development and commercialization of new drug compounds originating in China. With eight offices strategically located across China, the most comprehensive Chinese compound portfolio in the world, and a growing number of exclusive agreements with premier Chinese research and development organizations, HUYA occupies a unique position with regards to the China bio- pharmaceutical industry. Its strategy to identify and license novel Chinese compounds, and to offer Western pharmaceutical companies efficient and comprehensive access to therapeutic innovation in China, means the company can dramatically reduce the challenges of deal-making in China. HUYA has become a champion in guiding China’s biomedical innovations into the worldwide marketplace. HUYA is jointly headquartered in Shanghai and in San Diego, California. More information is available at

About Fudan University’s School of Pharmacy
Fudan University’s School of Pharmacy is one of the oldest and most prestigious pharmacology schools in China. The school was founded in 1936, long before the founding of the People’s Republic of China and right in the midst of the Japanese occupation. Originally part of the Shanghai Medical University, in 2000 the Medical University merged with Fudan University and the School of Pharmacy became officially part of Shanghai’s most famous school of higher learning. In the last decade, with the Chinese government’s growing interest and focus on biotech and pharmacological research, the School of Pharmacy has attracted attention, funding and talent. In early 2009 the School of Pharmacy relocated to Shanghai’s Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park.

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